Home Wedding – Because you can’t postpone love

Afia & Saqueeb Reception
Have you heard the saying “There’s no place like home”? If home is where we are most comfortable in, why not make beautiful memories in your favorite surroundings? At-home weddings are relaxed, personal, and with the right inspiration, just as elegant and lovely as the rituals celebrated in any convention hall. We are here to lend you a helping hand as you resolve to create a homely wedding environment to celebrate the union of you and your future partner amidst the chaos that has taken over our lives.
A private residence is not usually designed for large gatherings, especially the apartment buildings most of us occupy. Due to this reason, you need to concern yourself with the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ that wedding events at home might bring you.
1. Our Photography Crew
To our team of Marvel’s Avengers, ensuring your memories of your big day is the utmost priority. Our cameras are small, but our multiple lenses have the powers of Rajnikanth – shooting at a speedy pace. Trust us to embrace your story-telling moments through the intimate gathering into our cameras. For accommodation issues, we suggest just a team of two and we also hope you will let us join you earlier for portrait shots. If that turns out to be difficult for you, you can always book us for a private shoot before or after the wedding events.
2. Clean-up station
If airports can do it, so can you. Firstly, hire one female and one male helpers and instruct them to check guests’ forehead temperature using a digital thermometer before entering your home premises. Secondly, all guests should be requested to use hand sanitizer thoroughly to ensure there are no germ-carriers. Finally, have spray disinfectants for shoes ready at the gate (https://www.amazon.com/10-Seconds-Deodorant-Disinfectant-Pack/). If you plan to spread out your party to the rooftop as well, arrange a cleaning crew to disinfect the lift/stairs. For en extra touch of love, give pocket sanitizers to guests in welcome goody bags.
3. Guest list
Even after the lockdown is over, the government is sure to limit social gatherings to a specific number of people. This is where you have to take smart decisions as to whom to invite at your home and whom to invite at a bigger reception you might celebrate later. We suggest your immediate family, the closest cousins, uncles and aunts who live in the same city, and your best friends. For those who would have loved to attend and, we will share your wedding live on our social media for all your friends and family who cannot actually be there.
4. Space organization
For spacious homes built with a garden, the need for another space might not be necessary, but since most of our homes aren’t equipped for large gatherings, utilize all indoor and outdoor elements by creating a flow throughout your home. Indoor seating can be ordered such that the seniors are seated in one room, aunts and uncles in the living room, while your cousins and friends are assigned hosting duties such that you are not over stressed. Arranging your rooftop would be easier with its wider spaces. Set up a small stage on one corner, arranging chairs around it, and keep the food setting on the farthest side from the seating area.
5. Food
Nowadays, good online catering services are very common and pretty useful if you have help to set up the area for a buffet. If in doubt about the food, go for the fun of barbecue. All you need is a grilling machine, either hired or bought, or you can simply DIY (https://youtu.be/nPupiqnRh-A). The easy-peasy tikka, naan, and salad is always a favorite. Add on the finger-licking fuchka, coffee, and jilapi as appetizers, or give it a twist with delicious finger foods such as nuts, chanachur, and cookies. Cutting a cake together with your partner is one of the best parts at a wedding, so do not miss out on it. If fondant cakes are too large for your pockets, choose buttercream frosting cakes like the ones from https://www.instagram.com/sugarrush_cupcakery/.
6. Decor
Instead of bulky ornaments like over-sized vases that will simply cramp up your home, create backdrops, hang strands of twinkling lights, wrap flowers on your stair railings, or put up a neon sign on a wall, that adapt to your unique aesthetic. Our industry’s talented décor planners can help you spruce up your home in a myriad ways. If you want to keep it simple and take inspiration from these artists, take help from our Pinterest account (https://www.pinterest.com/snapshot0355/home-wedding-decor/).
7. Checklist
Do not forget!
  • Have a backup power generator so you don’t have to say “Current chole gese!”
  • Hire portable air coolers and fans to save your guests from the city heat.
  • Secure all cash and expensive items under lock and key because your home will be open to a large number of people.
  • For renters like us, let your house owners know about the event so as to encapsulate noise ordinance and send them a box of donuts with a thank-you note to butter them up.
  • Tip the security guards on the road your apartment is located so they can help look after your guests’ cars parked outside.
We are truly saddened that the circumstances are wrecking the beautiful dreams you had for your grand big day and the months of meticulous planning that had gone into every aspect of it. But we must not lose hope. Please let us preserve the commitment you made with your partner like our parents made with each other back in the day, which was undeniably the most charming way possible. In your home, where your parents names are on the door, where the photos on the wall are from the last trip to Cox’s Bazaar, where the people around you are lovingly familiar, let the first seed of your relationship be sown; show that love and marriage is all about overcoming challenges together hand in hand.