Jawad Chowdhury

Founder, MD & Photographer

Founder, Chief Photographer & Managing Director
Just the right dose of light, astonishing fortune-telling skills of a moment to come, and a Pythagoras calculation of where to stand with his camera, makes Jawad Chowdhury worth your while. He fights to ensure that a photograph captured by him can be commented with “That is Jawad Chowdhury’s work.” His path from nothing to something has been paved with his determination to get expertise in all learning platforms in the field – photography hacks, cinematography tricks, post-processing experiments, and much more.

Who are you most jealous of at work?
Muttalib, our main photo editor, plus our go-to IT guy. He can turn a night sky into a sunlit one.

What’s the most ridiculous thing someone has tricked you into believing?
A photographer has no expenses.

Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?
It depends on where the third eye is.

What do you hate the most?

Why do you like photography?
Every aspect of my field gives me an adrenaline rush – the struggle amidst crowds to capture wedding festivities, the fight to survive round-the-clock schedules, the notification of a ‘thank-you’ message from a satisfied client.