Shuvo Mridha


When a young man failed at a photography course he took just for fun, he became determined to excel in the subject. Being the most playful person in the team, his clients fall in love with his cheerful presence and become relaxed in front of the camera, thus helping he brings the ‘component’ in his pictures.

Who do you love the most at work?
Rocky Bhai. He is the only one who has enough patience to hear me talk incessantly.

If you were murdered, what could be the reason?
Irritation. I annoy people a lot because I am a chatterbox and a very noisy one at that.

What song describes you?
I am a ‘Netflix and Chill’ kind of person, so the song ‘All is well’ from the movie 3 idiots totally defines me.

Why do you like photography?
Photography makes me feel like an artist because I never think that I am taking the photo, I think that I am making it.