Tanzim Rahman


This mollycoddled Mumma’s boy became part of the Snapshot team from 2018. He was handpicked by Jawad and Farhan because of his ingenious skills of never letting a moment go un-captured. His hard drives are usually swarming with story-telling moments of maybe a mother-daughter hug, a tearful sister, and often giggling bridesmaids.

Who makes you laugh the most at work?
Farhan Bhai, who scolds the most as well.

If you were a piece of food, what would you be?
A burger, because I have many layers of personality and am pretty cheesy.

What do you lie about the most and to whom?
I mostly lie to my mom, saying that I will be home in two minutes while I am still hanging out with friends.

Why do you like photography?
Because I get the opportunity to create remarkable memories from split-second moments.