bashir ahmed sujon

Bashir Ahmed SujaN

Lead Photographer & Operations Director

Bashir Ahmed Sujan has 20 years of professional photography experience, both in national & international arena. He is also a member of Map Photo Agency which is one of the  leading photography agency in Bangladesh. He has traveled a lot of places in Bangladesh which enriched his experienced as a documentary photographer. His commitment towards social issues is reflecting through his work over the years. He is also working in commercial fields like  corporate  event, advertising, wedding & product photography.

Jawad Chowdhury

Jawad Chowdhury

Lead Photographer & Managing Director

Jawad Chowdhury is a passionate wedding photographer. He has emerged as one of the most influential wedding photographers of Bangladesh in terms of his extravagantly stylish & posed photographs. Inheriting the strong Bangladeshi & western sense of style and panache. He has been doing wedding photography since 7 years , with an experience of more than 800+ weddings till 2017. He is also involved as a contributor in several charitable organizations.

Shamsul Farhan

Shamsul Farhan

Lead Photographer & Executive Director

Shamsul Farhan has been in the wedding photography industry since the year 2005 , carrying an experience worth gold. He has dropped his banking career for his passion for wedding & fashion photography.  He has been the preference of our clients for his uniqueness and  a brilliant photographer.

Shahriar Hossain Jisan

Lead Photographer

Shuvi Mridha

Shuvo Mridha

Lead Photographer

Shuvo Mridha started his career with Team SnapShot on 2015. He was also a reputed employee of a renowned wedding photography agency in Bangladesh since 2012. He has been a very good pupil which has allowed him to excel in his wedding photography career and carry his own set of signature packages in Snapshot.


Tanzim Rahman

Lead Photographer

Rakib Hasan

Chief Video Editor

Arefin Shams

Operation Manager

Rafi Uz Zaman